Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eddie Owens: 1:07:34

So, it was pretty awesome being able to scope out some of the world's top distance talent (at least, those who weren't running in Spain today). Watching Galen Rupp battle it out with Mo Farah near the 13 mile point was cool, and watching Meb, Ryan and Kara come in after was also special (even if they weren't in the front). Be interesting to see the take on how people thought they performed.

The thing that bowled me over: Some guy started screaming "Go Eddie, go Eddie" with about 0.1K to go, and I saw this guy who kind of looked like Eddie Owens sprinting past. Sure enough, it was. He finished 37th.

Wow. (Actually, what I said isn't printable, since I was completely bowled over).

(Eddie was the first Brooklyn finisher, BTW, nudging out Jorge E. Real, who's a common borough winner.).

On the women's side, Kelly Chin finished in a whopping 1:19:17, good enough for 27th overall.


Anonymous said...

And that huge northern tailwind sure helped a lot of runners knock a few minutes off what they thought they could do.

Jeremy Busch said...

The yelling, "Go Eddie" was coming from me, his coach. I think you asked if that was indeed Eddie Owens and I answered in the affirmative before loping off to the finish to congratulate him. Thanks for the coverage on Eddie and all the great support you show Bk.

Jeremy Busch